Meet the Owner

Katelyn - Owner/Esthetician

I have had an interest and passion for skin care for as long as I can remember. I was once a cystic acne sufferer for most of my adolscent years. Having to go through something like that not only takes a toll on your skin but on your self confidence as well. My esthetician at the time completely transformed not only how my skin looked but she also helped me regain the confidence that I had once lost. This was a game changer for me. This was when I decided I wanted to be an esthetician. I loved the results that I had achieved and decided I wanted to help others achieve the same results as well as help restore some faith in oneself. Glow Skin Studio is my vision for helping others by providing them with the very best quality skin care services and to keep current on offering new technologies so that my clients can achieve optimal results and put their best face forward.

Please feel free to stop in for a free consultation to determine which skin care service best suits your skin care needs. 

I look forward to making your skin glow!

With Love,